This is my next 1001 days.

Dear Weblog Superfans,

I am officially on the bandwagon. As it were.

This is where I will (incredibly privately) document my progress as I work to complete my list of 101 goals in 1001 days, beginning January 1, 2008. Or Jan 1 2008, depending on how you write your dates. Hopefully everything will be completed by September 27, 2010. Or 28 Sept 2010, depending on whether you count leap days as actual days.

Here, in all its glory, is my list:

  1. Get murried
  2. Finish a book by Ernest Hemingway
  3. Go to the gym 3 days a week for 3 months (allow breaks when not in Richmond)
  4. Learn 5 new fingerpicking songs on the guitar and have a mini-recital for Keds
  5. Drink the engagement wine
  6. Watch all of the Macgyvers
  7. Finish the 101 movies
  8. Help Keds find a job
  9. Submit 10 stories to magazines
  10. Get a story published
  11. Find 3 new poets whose work I can say I know and like
  12. Have breakfast in bed with Keds
  13. Use all of our wedding gifts
  14. Discover a restaurant in Richmond that Keds and I both like
  15. Read one of my unread books for fun every semester
  16. Finish 15 of my unread books
  17. Buy a book on trees and learn to identify ten of them
  18. Visit Nonna on a long weekend
  19. Go on a hike
  20. Attempt to make roast beef and Yorkshire pudding
  21. Buy something frivolous
  22. Take a mini road trip
  23. See Niagara Falls (on the Canada side)
  24. Have school friends over for dinner or something
  25. Go to a baseball game with the guys
  26. Get season tickets to a theater in Richmond
  27. Take a ghost tour of Richmond
  28. Finish a school assignment a week ahead of time
  29. Find prints of Richmond to hang
  30. Make root beer
  31. Finish a cryptic crossword without cheating
  32. Learn five good crockpot recipes
  33. Walk dogs at an animal shelter
  34. Truly help a student
  35. Subscribe to two different literary magazines
  36. Visit my brother and sister-in-law
  37. Learn how to buy a house
  38. Write a poem
  39. Backup all existing stories onto an external thing (Google Docs, eg)
  40. Play catch with dad
  41. Swim in a lake
  42. Keep a journal regularly for 6 months
  43. Hit a bulls-eye in darts
  44. Watch a foreign film
  45. Go to the Byrd Theatre
  46. Visit an art gallery
  47. Read in the Moveable Feast
  48. Write three more book reviews
  49. Visit my friend and his girlfriend in Blacksburg
  50. Still be in touch with my college adviser by the time this list is finished
  51. Change my oil on time for a year
  52. Teach a class on my own
  53. Go to a Nationals game in the new park
  54. Go on a picnic
  55. Discover a photographer
  56. Do ten hours of community service (Just ten! That’s nothing!)
  57. Teach my near-niece a new word
  58. Try contact lenses again
  59. Read the Book of Mormon
  60. Read the Koran
  61. Finish reading the Bible
  62. Take a ballroom dance class (preferably before the wedding)
  63. Learn to juggle
  64. Still be in touch with the third part of the Troika by the time this list is finished
  65. Read a second book by Chris Ware
  66. Write fan letters to Michael Chabon and Edward P. Jones
  67. Get a Ryan Zimmerman baseball card
  68. Get an Albert Pujols baseball card
  69. Visit Mount Vernon
  70. Visit a Civil War battlefield I’ve never been to before
  71. Learn three constellations (not including Orion or either of the dippers)
  72. Learn about five Negro League players
  73. Research grandpa’s semi-pro team some more
  74. Get grandpa’s semi-pro uniform preserved/framed
  75. Make mom’s fettucine alfredo recipe
  76. Have my brother and sister-in-law come visit
  77. Finish a Sunday NYT crossword puzzle
  78. Go to a VCU sporting event
  79. Go to a different doctor about my exercise-sick-thing
  80. Work at learning Spanish
  81. Learn what tax rules apply to writers and use them on a return
  82. Get a head shot to use as a contributor photograph
  83. Whiten my teeth
  84. Learn to make a Chinese food recipe amazingly well
  85. Complete a Rubik’s Cube
  86. Get my allergies under control
  87. Build something out of wood that I would be proud to display at home
  88. Go wine tasting again
  89. Take a ferry across the Chesapeake
  90. Go horseback riding
  91. Find an old map of Richmond, frame it, and hang it in the apartment
  92. Call mom twice a month (at least) for three months (while she’s in Italy)
  93. Go on a date with Keds at least once a month for six months straight
  94. Max out my IRA contribution one year while still in school
  95. Go to a batting cage
  96. Get and keep the book database up to date
  97. Bake a cake for no reason
  98. Donate blood
  99. Find a job after I graduate
  100. Get to know the guys’ girlfriends
  101. Grow a goatee

As I make progress on any of these items, I will (hopefully) update this weblog with stories and photos, thereby keeping my millions of fans satisfied. I include you in this number.



2 responses to “This is my next 1001 days.

  1. Dear MSB,
    Nice list, however light it may be on the “do good things for my new sister-in-law” front. Call me when you finish #97, and I’ll help you with the disposal process.
    Your Weblog Superfan

  2. Dear MSB,
    Call me when you finish #101 and I’ll help you with that disposal process.

    A goatee.

    Good heavens.

    A just plain Superfan

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