5. Drink the engagement wine (and many, many more!)

Dear Weblog Superfans,

I did it. I completed an item from my list.

I know what you’re thinking: You just started three sentences in a row with the word “I.” To which I say: shut up.

You are also thinking: Oh, msb. How you torture us with your witty, engaging, flower-scented posts that accomplish nothing but the theft of a few moments of my short, short life. You disappear from blogdom for weeks, apparently abandoning the project to which you were so committed, and then you come back all of a sudden and expect us to believe you when you say you’ve completed something? I smell poppycock.

To which I say: simmer down; I’m busy as fuck. Also: It’s true. I drank the engagement wine. Well, really, Keds and I drank it, even if I pulled a bit more weight.

The engagement wine, for those of you whom I am not dating, is the wine that the jewelry store lady gave me when I got my/our/her engagement ring. It was a cabernet sauvignon, and it was good. That’s about as much as I can say about wine unless I dive right into fake snobby bullshit. Like, it was fairly approachable, not much ascescence, with a nice balance of pepper and raspberry with a clean finish and an oakish aftertaste. Indeed.

I have pictures of the bottle, partially emptied, with two glasses, partially full, but they are on my other computer, so you’ll have to take my word for it for now. Perhaps in the AM I’ll dig them up. In the meantime, contain your excitement. Because there’s more.

So much more, in fact, that I will resort to bullet points.

  • You will recall that #73 on my list is to research grandpa’s semi-pro baseball team some more. Well. A couple of weekends ago, there was in New York a conference for writers and other dorky people. The AWP conference. And I went. While there, I got to visit Nonna (on a long weekend? #18, anybody?) and other relations. My uncle told me, when we got to talking about it, that grandpa didn’t play on a semi-pro team, because he didn’t get paid. But he didn’t know anything about the union stuff. I got home, though, and made an idiot out of myself. Here’s how: I did a Google search. A goddam Google search. For “local 823 elizabeth nj.” And something came up: the Amalgamated Transit Union. How did I not find this out like forever ago? I sure as shit don’t know. Anyway, that gives me somebody to call once I get some free time in a few months.
  • I finally finished The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo as well, which knocks off 1/15th of #16, read 15 of my unread books. It was very very excellent. I am now hooked on Peter Orner, which kind of sucks because he’s only written two books, but which is kind of awesome because he’s coming back to Richmond in a bit. April, I think. Neato.
  • Also while at the AWP conference, I picked up a $5 subscription to the Kenyon Review, a pretty awesome publication out of Ohio. So that’s 1/2 of #35, subscribe to two different literary journals. I also submitted a short-short to their Under-30 Short-Short contest thingie. We’ll see how it goes; I barely had time to revise it before the deadline, but I had made it a short-term goal to submit to this thing, since there was no entry fee. I’m expecting nothing in return.
  • Actually, I completed another thing: #44, watch a foreign film. Perhaps I’ll post on this in detail later. Keds and I watched The Seven Samurai over the weekend, which is one of the movies on the 101 movies (#7 on my list). It’s Japanese. Kirosawa. Also, it’s long. Good, though. I enjoyed it, even if Keds didn’t. The western The Magnificent Seven is based on The Seven Samurai, so we knew the story, having accidentally watched TMS the other weekend, thinking it was on the 101. We had trouble figuring out who was Steve McQueen in TSS, there, but I think we got him. Yule Brenner was easy to find (his character’s bald in both movies).
  • Two weekends ago, I went home for a bit and found that my father, in his infinite wisdom, has placed me on his insurance again. Apparently it’s free, as long as I’m in graduate school full-time, under 25, and not married. So I’m fully covered until July 12, when I go back on my own insurance (the stuff I already had). Anyway. This insurance will allow me to both go to a doctor about my allergies (#86) and my exercise-sick thing (# 79) and an optometrist about contacts (#58). Now all I need is time to make the damn appointments…
  • A while back I got Crest Whitestrips. I’ve been using them, as per #83. They make my teeth hurt. So I’m cutting back a bit, doing them once a day instead of twice. I’m also doing them for not quite 30 minutes each time, because I’m ok with less-white teeth than I would have had otherwise as long as they’re whiter than they are now and as long as they don’t hurt me in the process. So we’ll see how long I stick with that.

I think that’s it, Weblog Superfans. If you’re keeping track at home, that’s two items completed (#5 and #44), three items partially completed (#7, #16, and #35), one item arguably completed (even if not to the original intention) (#18), and five items with progress made (#58, #73, #79, #83, and #86). A grand total of 11 items of my 101 have been addressed, in some form, in the last few weeks. That’s what I call progress. And don’t you dare call it poppycock.



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