94. Max out my IRA contribution one year while still in school

Dear Weblog Superfans,

It’s been so long. I feel like I say that every time, and I think I will continue to say that every time. It had been so long, it has been so long, it will have been so long. (Bonus love points to anyone who can tell me the verb tenses used in the previous sentence!)

So. In preparation for my taxes, and partially because I knew I’d be getting a bunch of money back for my return and this The Economy Sucks and National Debt Is Better than Personal Debt So Let’s Kick-Start Things money, I sent in a crapload of money to my IRA. The maximum annual contribution is either $4,000 or as much as you make per year, whichever is less, which means that I can put in 4K. (I know what you’re thinking: “You make more than $4,000 a year? How is that possible?” To which I say: “I have no idea.”) So I staggered my contributions over the last few weeks, figuring out paychecks and whatnot, and took a bit from the bond money, since it was just sitting there anyway, not being used. And I put in 4K. Which means, ladies and gents, that I maxed out my contribution for the 2007 year. (The IRS, being the nice type of bureaucracy, gives you until tax day of the next calendar year to contribute to an IRA.) Which thus means that I have accomplished number 94 on my list. Thank goodness. Now I don’t have to talk to you folks for another two months! (I mean, I like you, but you’re really needy. It’s getting ridiculous…)



2 responses to “94. Max out my IRA contribution one year while still in school

  1. your girlfriend

    past perfect, present perfect, and future? now I want to know.

  2. future perfect, but yes, my lovely. Bonus love points to you.

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