8. Help Keds find a job — irrelevant

Dear Weblog Superfans,

Recently, my lovely wife was informed, rather tersely, that she will have a job for the next six months, which potentially makes my #8 irrelevant. That one was on there because she was working far, far away from Richmond and so was having trouble making contacts and finding jobs to apply for. (I don’t actually know how true that is, since she and I didn’t talk about it too much, it being a somewhat large source of stress.) But I wanted to help, because then it might go faster, and I might have a nice person to kick at night when I dream about soccer, or something. (You know, as opposed to a mean person who might kick me back. [Kidding, darling.])

Anyway, she’s set up for the next few months, and potentially for the six months after that. Essentially, she’s got a six-month option that her employer could choose to pick up at the end of her first six months of slavery. Much like the options that baseball players have on their contracts sometimes. Except those baseball players’ options include salaries regularly over $5 million, which Keds’s option does not. Bummer.



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