Various potential hitches

Dear Weblog Superfans,

Some things have come up that might preclude a clean completion of much of my 101 List. Most of them are school related, since I’m busier than I thought I would be and am taking Novel Workshop instead of Short Story Workshop.

Actually, the novel thing is what really throws things for a loop. #9 (Submit 10 stories to magazines) and #10 (Get a story published) were two on the list that I thought I really could do, and should do, to start to get my name out there in the writing world a bit. But they were sort of contingent upon writing short stories fairly constantly throughout my grad-school career, or at least two of the three years. And now that I’ll be working on a novel all of my second year (the Novel Workshop is a year-long course), it makes sense to keep working on it in my third year for my thesis. So that means that I’ll be writing few stories for the next two years.

I’ll have to rethink at least these two goals, although a few other ones might be affected as well, at least tangentially.



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